A new year’s resolution

New Year resolutions are usually like snow in Ireland – here one day, gone tomorrow. But after thinking about this for quite a while I’ve decided to take the plunge and get blogging, especially on areas like faith, theology, church, mission and Irish culture.

I’ve been a fan of reading certain blogs for the last couple of years. In the process I’ve not only learnt a huge amount and enjoyed many conversations, but I’ve been stimulated to think, act, read, teach and even worship afresh. For me blogging has opened up a world of connections that have helped me not only keep in touch with a host of contemporary theological discussions, but have been personally transformative at the same time.

For me a good blogger is generous – generous with his/her learning, experience, humour, reflections, gifts and insights in a way that in some way benefits others and gets discussion, debate & learning going. I don’t know how much of any of these I will have to share! But that’s what I hope this blog will do a little of,  …   anyone out there is welcome along!


3 thoughts on “A new year’s resolution

  1. thanks guys. Looking forward to trying it out. Bit late for me, but I even heard today that you could find a fiancée via blogging .. 🙂

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