The God I Don’t Understand 1

Teaching theology you tend to get asked tough questions on a regular basis. I know I do. In a lifetime of Bible teaching Chris Wright has and in his book The God I Don’t Understand he tackles four big questions about God and faith that defy easy answers.

  1. Evil and the goodness of God
  2. The Canaanite Genocide
  3. The cross and penal substitution
  4. End times and final judgement

What’s so refreshing about this book is:

–          his undimmed love for God who is utterly good
–          Wright’s honest struggles of how to hold faith in this God  alongside troubling realities like the existence of evil and God’s command to kill men, women and children
–          The way he is unwilling to duck or evade tough questions
–          His wonderful grasp of the OT and how it informs his thinking on all the four issues discussed
–          His wisdom in guiding the reader through real questions that thoughtful believers and non-believers alike will likely have

We will be posting about this book over the next while

What are your ‘big questions’ about God and faith? Are there any issues that you’d add to Wright’s list?


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