Kingdom Come Conference

Next week Evangelical Alliance Northern Ireland and others are hosting another Kingdom Come Conference with guest speaker Gordon McDonald and  various other speakers (including Trevor Morrow from our ‘mother’ church, Lucan Presbyterian). The theme of the Conference is ‘Refresh, Restore, Revitalise’.

On Tuesday afternoon I’m co-leading a seminar on ‘Culture and Context’ with Mark Russell who is Chief Executive of the Church Army in England. I’m looking forward to it.

The summary we came up with goes like this:

This seminar will look out – outwards at the contemporary culture in which we live. What are the forces and values shaping our context and how can Christians ‘read’ culture with discerning eyes? But this seminar will also look in – Christians can’t pretend they are somehow ‘above’ or unaffected by their culture. What are the key challenges and opportunities facing the church in 21st century Ireland?

This raises the question: what do you think of big Christian get togethers? What makes a good one?


3 thoughts on “Kingdom Come Conference

  1. I attended a conference recently that most people- who went – thought was good. However, when I looked around at the audience, the overwhelming majority were grey or over 35. And truthfully, although some of the speakers were OK, it could have been much better.

    I’d love you to take a snap-shot of this conference Patrick, and any others that anyone may go to in Ireland, North, or South, and let me know the audience profile.

    The major gap within Irish Christianity of 18-35’s may be key indicator regarding its culture. The questions is then, what are leaders doing about this?


  2. I’m planning to be there too but with a friend I fear we will be some of the only 18-35s.
    Norm – you make a good point – I think there are may be a couple of issues, one being older leaders not growing/training/empowering/giving responsibility to younger leaders, another being younger leaders not being prepared to commit (perhaps due to work and other pressures).

    As regards what makes a good conference…
    I too have been to a lot, and the things I’ve tended to enjoy most were speakers who were a bit different, coming at things from different angles, or who are just plain experts in their field. I tend to not go to every session now and pick and choose the ones I think will be most intersting/useful/stretching so I can actually process what is said and not lose it. maybe less is more?

  3. Soapbox – yea, good point. 18-35’s may have a commitment problem. A trait of their postmodernity perhaps?

    A ‘missionally-minded’ friend recently said to me that we need to do things that other people are not doing to reach people that no-one else us reaching.

    If the Church fails to do different things to reach the next generations (like the 18-35’s), will we/they be part-responsible for a more post-Chrisitan Ireland?



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