Blogging ethics?

OK – I’ve been at this blogging lark for nearly 3 months. I’ve a question to you, the huge rapidly growing multitude of readers out there.

Blogging ethics – what are the basics?

And if there are no answers I’ll assume either none exist or none of you have any ethics.

So any DOs and DON’Ts?

OK I get that it is probably not best to start confessing deepest darkest sins – even if they are someone else’s.

I see some sites reference where they steal source pictures from. Just good manners ?

What about plagiarism? Are links like the blogging version of a footnote or just handy to do for readers?

What about boundaries – what sorts of stuff is it best not to talk about ..?

I guess it is sort of sensible not to talk personally about people without their permission if you want to keep your rapidly diminishing number of friends (no time for people any more, too busy blogging).

I guess its not the smartest thing to start telling stories of confidential meetings where the church elders had a fantastic stand up row  even if you were on the winning side of the argument

I suppose it’s best not to say anything online you are going to regret for years

And I guess its best not to libel someone who combines a lack of humour with enough money and time to be bothered to sue.

And I suppose ethically you are supposed to declare the vast sums of money that will flow in once you move to blog heaven aka beliefnet ….

And a ‘don’t’ that I fear is ‘Don’t be boring’ ….

Any nuggets of wisdom ?


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