Bird’s eye view of Paul 01

The bird theme from yesterday continues …  apologies for the cringe inducing link, it actually wasn’t planned!

This time a human bird, Michael by name, native to Australia, although known to emigrate to the highlands of Scotland for long periods before recently returning down under to teach here.

Writer at the excellent blog euangelion [see my blogroll] and NT scholar & writer by occupation and it is one of his books I’m going to take a look at over a few posts: A Bird’s Eye View of Paul

Bird has a great name, but there is more to this book than a catchy title. He writes here for students, pastors, and anyone interested in Paul. His aim? To get people excited about the message of the apostle and living it the gospel he received from the Lord without getting bogged down in technical debates.  He’s convinced that Paul is both relevant and riveting.  We’re going to ‘fly along’ for a while.

After Jesus, Paul stands as the towering figure of New Testament and early Christianity. But where most people like Jesus, Paul gets much more mixed press, especially on his views on homosexuality and women.

So as we begin, what is your view of Paul? What adjectives first come to mind? What sort of company would he have been over a pint of guinness or cup of wine?


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