Scot McKnight’s coming to Ireland, (volcano permitting) – be there!

One of the cool things about teaching at IBI, is that although we are not large, rich, famous or globally important, we have been blessed over the last few years with getting to know a whole bunch of terrific guest lecturers with a combination of subject expertise and ministry experience, who have visited Ireland to speak at events we’ve had a hand in organising.

People like Chris Wright, Stuart and Jill BriscoeBarry Beitzel, the wonderful Marva Dawn (couldn’t help putting in the adjective), Craig Blomberg, David Smith, David Cook, Mark Greene, Richard Hess, Derek Tidball and so on …

And there have been few other writers that I’ve enjoyed and been helped as much by as Scot McKnight. So not really expecting anything to come of it, we invited Scot to come to Ireland to speak at our 2010 Summer Institute 11-12 June and some other stuff including a leaders day and a trip to Belfast Bible College – and to our delight he said yes and is coming with his wife Kris. The title for the SI is ‘In the Beginning was the Gospel’

So the volcano can’t be your excuse – be there! It’ll be great. Here’s the brochure. Space limited, early booking recommended.


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