Did Ronnie Lee Gardiner deserve to die?

Saturday Story of the Week

I’ve hardly looked at the news this week, with lots going on at work, a family birthday, a really wonderul wedding [and I don’t really like weddings as a rule so that’s a big compliment :)] of a wonderful couple on a wonderful blue sky day in the County Armagh countryside …

One story that stood out was the execution in Utah of Ronnie Lee Gardiner by firing squad. I heard his lawyer interviewed on radio. He talked about Gardiner’s deprived and abusive background from a very young age, his involvement in crime and murder in his early 20s, and now the execution 25 years later of a very different man.

The lawyer said what was sad was the death penalty left no room for redemption of an individual.

As a Christian who believes in redemption, it is hard to think of a better argument against capital punishment.

2 thoughts on “Did Ronnie Lee Gardiner deserve to die?

  1. If redemption was solely a thing that happened in this life then definitely exection should be a no no. But Mr Gardiner could be in heaven right now. Which im sure he would perfer. 🙂

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