The Best Kept Secret (1)

Any book which as glowing tributes from well known Christian figures such as these should catch our attention:

N T Wright, ‘Here is a book offering fresh energy for the whole task of the whole people of God’

Chris Wright, ‘Biblical, balanced and – well, brilliant’

Howard Marshall, ‘as lively and as sensible book on evangelism as I have seen.’

Timothy George, ‘this is a terrific book!’

Richard Bauckham, ‘this book will be a most refreshing and inspiring experience’

Ravi Zacharias, ‘I wholeheartedly recommend John’s book’

Tremper Longman, ‘a biblically rich and powerfully written book’

Alister McGrath, ‘It challenged me, encouraged me and often inspired me. At my age that’s some achievement!’

And there are more but you get the picture (just noticed there are 17 commendations and all are men but I digress).

All these comments are about this book:

John Dickson, The Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission: promoting the Gospel with more than our lips. Zondervan, 2010.

This post is the start of a series. It ties in very much with themes that we’ve been discussing: what is the gospel?; evangelism; holistic mission and the kingdom of God.

From the quotes above it should be really worth while and I hope you can join in the discussion.

John Dickson is a multi-gifted Australian church leader, scholar, author of numerous books and media presenter (he presented the the excellent The Christ Files DVD series which was shown on Australian TV). Oh and he’s also the Director of the Centre for Public Christianity (good resources there, I’ve just looked) in his spare time. He’s also married with 3 kids.

OK – is this guy for real?


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