Best Kept Secret (7)

Chapter 5 of John Dickson’s book The Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission: promoting the gospel with more than our lips is called  ‘Partners for Life: promoting the gospel with our money’

The big idea in this chapter is that Christian giving is as much a part of ‘promoting the gospel’ as evangelism. The Philippians’ ‘partnership’ with Paul where they send financial aid to him in prison was a partnership in and for the advancement of the gospel (Phil 1:3-5).

Dickson reckons that in the NT, financial partnership is second only to prayer in ways of promoting the gospel.

– There is financial maintenance of evangelists and missionaries

– There is financial support to send out missionaries

These are practical forms of partnership in the gospel. There is no dualism of the ‘unspiritual’ resource (money) being given to support the real ‘spiritual’ activity (evangelism).  Giving should be taught on and encouraged as a spiritual activity, an ‘act of high worship’.

And Dickson closes with some questions;

– How are you generously supporting the work of the gospel?

– Who can say of you – your giving is like a ‘fragrant offering pleasing and acceptable to God’?

– Are you delaying giving til you have enough to afford to give? Don’t – your money is a gift from God. Giving is an act of faith.


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