At IBI we’ve been encouraging undergrad and post grad students to consider using Zotero. It’s an add on to the Firefox web browser. I did download it a couple of years ago but never got into using it. This time I’m getting into it.

The neat thing is that you can use to it to build up a database of references to books, web pages, pdfs, etc. Really cool is that by visiting a compatible site like Amazon you just click on the blue zotero logo in the address bar and bing – it populates the bibliographic reference for the book.

Then when in Word, to add footnote, just open the zotero add in, click on the item you want in the zotero database, and it generates your footnote. When it comes to the bibliography, you just click and – wonder of wonders – you immediately have a complete bibliography generated.

And the handiest of all is that you can choose whatever style of referencing you need.

There is quite a bit of work editing and saving the references in Zotero to get them the way you want them, but once done they are there for good. You can also (for free) choose to synchronise your zotero database with their server to back it up.

I’ve been trialling it while writing an article and the verdict is –  BRILLIANT! Sad I know, but when I created a fairly big bibliography with one click it gave me an absurd amount of satisfaction.


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