Christians in a consumer culture

I came across a book by Jonathan Bonk called Missions and Money: affluence as a missionary problem.

Here are some quotes on consumerism and money that may give pause for thought as the Irish economy (and political landscape) continues to implode – with subsequent pain for all for years to come. But a big cause of that implosion has been uncontrolled greed, debt and apparently limitless credit fuelling a consumerist binge of gigantic proportions …..

Comments and conversation, as ever, welcome.

“It is clear that Christianity was never designed to make people comfortably at ease with wealth and power. Nor, predictably has genuine discipleship ever been widely popular among the rich.”

“For Christians born and bred in a culture that all too blithely substitutes legality for justice, and consumption for fulfillment, and acquisition for happiness, living as “people of the Way” will not come naturally or easily. But it is essential.”

“Wide scale repentance in North America would undoubtedly have severe economic and political repercussions. Nothing could more quickly undermine our way of life than an outbreak of widespread contentment, or conversion to our Lord’s teaching on mammon and the poor.”

“Even the least self-examined person cannot but feel uncomfortable when confronted with the Scripture’s plain teaching on [money]. One is left with recourse to one of three possible options: (1) ignore the teaching altogether, (2) employ a self-justification hermeneutic that satisfactorily explains why such uncomfortable teaching cannot apply to one’s personal situation, or (3) repent and be converted.”


4 thoughts on “Christians in a consumer culture

  1. Ruth has given it away Kevin – more banging on about consumerism coming up in VOX .. 🙂
    Stuff floating around In my head Ruth – not on the page yet but hopefully will be by deadline ..!

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