Fianna Fail imploding?

Micheal Martin, minister for Foreign Affairs, withdraws his support for Brian Cowen who has tabled a ‘back me or sack me’ motion to his Fianna Fail Party for tomorrow.  Martin will vote against his leader, who hasn’t accepted his offer to resign from Cabinet.

Senior FF ministers and other TDs are lining up to retire from politics (and make do on huge pensions before they are reformed downwards).

At this stage it is hard to think what happens on Tuesday matters very much. The Govt is in zombie mode (along with the banks and the economy) awaiting extinction at the upcoming election.

Kathy Sheridan in the Irish Times captures I think the failures of the Cowen years: – lost opportunities, mind numbing bureaucratism, tunnel vision, lack of courage to take on vested interests, cronyism with big business, blind party loyalty, unerring ability to make a crisis a catastrophe, combined with an inability to take responsibility for his own and FF’s role in bankrupting Ireland – and all the while utterly failing to ‘get it’ and connect to the population’s desperate desire for some (any) hint of leadership.

All very sad – not just for Cowen who at least hasn’t been embroiled in the corruption of predecessors like Ahern and Haughey – but for the country during a time of national crisis.


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