Evangelical omniscience?

A memorable quote from Joel Edwards, Director of The Micah Challenge, from last week’s joint Irish Bible Institute, Tearfund Ireland and IMAP Urban Nation conference (hosted in the wonderful Exchange Building of Trinity Church Network).

“Too often evangelicals think that since they are right with God they are right about everything”


(I typed some other quotes & notes on my phone as he spoke which worked well until I managed to delete the lot on the way home. Anyone got a good horror story about losing stuff?! I’ve heard a few from students pleading for extensions 🙂 )



3 thoughts on “Evangelical omniscience?

  1. Ah you see right through me …!

    More seriously, I loved one of John Stott’s last books Evangelical Truth: a plea for Humility. Simple point: if evangelicals are people deeply aware of the grace of God, they should be people who show grace and humility to others. Of course many many do so wonderfully and beautifully. But sometimes I wonder at the disconnect of believing we are sinners desperately in need of grace and forgiveness and then showing little of either to others with whom we disagree.

  2. A very challenging statement. To quote another Christian leader, Tim Keller, he says that we can know if they gospel is working in our lives by the way we treat those who don’t agree with us. (Paraphrase).

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