One.Life (12) Eternity.Life (b)

A quick postscript to the last post on Scot McKnight’s book One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow.

What do you hope for? Life in heaven, free at last from this broken world?

What is the relationship between what we do in this life now and the life to come?

Scot is sketching things here and argues that Jesus’ future kingdom vision finds fulfilment in the new heavens and earth picture of Revelation 21.

The main link here is Jesus’ language in the Lord’s Prayer of God’s will being done on earth as it is in heaven.

the eternal state is a perfection of life on earth and not an escape from life on earth

This New Jerusalem is heaven life come to earth – justice, peace, love, wisdom.

The people of God, living with God, and living with one another in perfect shalom, and love and justice.

All made possible through the lamb, whose death brought forgiveness, redemption and liberation.

And so, in utter contrast to hell, what do you think of Scot’s definition of heaven? Does this vision inspire and shape life in the here and now?

heaven is a person’s awareness and overwhelming delight in being absolutely present in the utter presence of God.


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