One.Life (14) Cross.Life Resurrection.Life

The final chapter of One.Life is Cross.Life. Resurrection.Life

The heart of this chapter is how the cross of Jesus, “where Jesus bore the pain and sins of others, became both a place of redemptive power and a model of discipleship.”

And the model of discipleship is the cruciform life

“a life that offers itself in every direction as a lamb on the altar of God.”

And Scot goes to Dietrich Bonhoeffer as the model of a cruciform life: ‘Whenever Christ calls us his call leads to death’.

What does it mean to ‘die’ as a Christian? Or, in other words, what does it mean to take up the cross daily?

And from the cross Scot ends the book with the end of the Bible – the resurrected lamb who is the lion of Judah, the Lord.

He has the last word, not death.

We’ve been thinking about this in our church community a lot this week – Jesus is the Lord of Life, the life-giver, ‘the resurrection and the life’. To believe this requires faith – faith in the face of death, and a faith that rests squarely on the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

And it is the resurrected lamb gives his followers hope to press on with the

And that life Scot encourages to have this shape:

i.                     Prayer – is the way to die to self and follow the Lord.

ii.                   Listening to God – read Scripture, listen

iii.                  Commit to kingdom work locally

iv.                 Build in a daily pattern of prayer / recitation (Jesus Creed)

v.                   Tell others of the kingdom vision of Jesus


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