Can he do it?

Very soon 21 year old Rory McIlroy from my home town and home golf club of Holywood will tee it up in the final round of the Masters with a 4 shot lead. I can imagine the atmosphere in HGC. Many’s the game I played with his dad, Gerry, on club teams in days gone by.

Rory and I both have our names on the Ulster Boys Championship trophy – and after that all comparisons end!

I think he’s going to do it. Everything about his career so far has been astonishing. Winning the Masters at 21 would fit right in with what has gone before. He’s so good it would not even be a shock.

Go Rory!


2 thoughts on “Can he do it?

  1. Well Richard the answer to my question was sadly NO. Glad I’m not a betting man for I would have backed Rory. This week I was an ABT, so fair play to Swartzel (or however you spell his name).

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