Evangelicals in Ireland: Contemporary Challenges (2)

At Irish Bible Institute, we’ve published another couple of papers in our series on Evangelicals in Ireland: Contemporary Challenges.

They can be found here and are:

‘Migrant-led churches in Ireland: a case study in the light of world Christianity, developing Christology and inter-religious dialogue’ by Richard Carson.

A fascinating, well written and informative analysis of an international migrant-led church that poses constructive and searching questions of ‘older’ evangelical communities as well as capturing the increasingly plural nature of the Irish church scene.

‘From Novenas to New Age: Mapping the Spiritual Landscape of 21st Century Ireland’ by Ingrid Harley

Ingrid has given several excellent talks on this piece of research she did for her IBI Masters’ dissertation. She takes seriously the search for spirituality and meaning in the post-Christendom Irish landscape and suggests some Christian responses. Essential reading for anyone engaged in mission in Ireland.

And we’ve also added in a chapter I wrote for this book called

‘Evangelicals and Irish identity in Independent Ireland: a case study’ by Patrick Mitchel

Comments and feedback welcome.


4 thoughts on “Evangelicals in Ireland: Contemporary Challenges (2)

  1. Thanks for the information Patrick. To let you know, there isn’t any link at the IBI site to download Richard’s paper.

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