Reverse Missional?

A church sign we saw on our recent road trip. What do y’reckon would the average person in the street make of this ?


6 thoughts on “Reverse Missional?

  1. P.S. On a somewhat related note; at a wedding last night people were asking me about the origin of the Free Presbyterian Church. Could you point me towards anything that you’ve written on the topic?

  2. I have a chapter on the FPCU in my book which includes some discussion of origins.
    Doubt you want to buy a copy at over €100 ! Library loan? Alternatively Steve Bruce has a couple of books on Paisley. I haven’t looked in quite a while, but there must be a fair bit of relevant material available free online including of course the FPCU’s own story of their origins.

  3. I think I read that chapter back when I was in your IBI module, I even photocopied some pages from it, but I didn’t save them. Pity, as they would have come in handy last night! Thanks a lot.

  4. Here’s a very brief summary Mike:

    The origins of the Free Presbyterian Church lie in a schism within the Lissara Presbyterian congregation of Crossgar. A breakaway group, unhappy with rulings of the Down Presbytery, began meeting in Lissara Mission Hall and constituted themselves as ‘The Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster.’ Paisley, who had been involved in the controversy, was eventually asked to lead the fledgling denomination.

    Paisley was for decades thereafter in active ‘competition’ against the PCI.

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