Date Christian Girls

I dunno, is it just me or is there something weirdly incongrous about reading a serious article on a serious theology blog while this image sits pouting at you in the side bar adverts?



7 thoughts on “Date Christian Girls

  1. I know, I was surprised to see that add. Is the qualification for christian girl to have nice lips and eager to kiss? Just kidding. I wouldn’t like to write down what one of my boys might say about it!

  2. By the way, I forgot to mention that the other day as I look to a Bible reading website, on the side of the page there was an ad about some psyche woman who could read your future. Does this mean, that if you need to finance your website you allow any type of advertisement on your page? Just wondering.

  3. Dunno the answer to that last question Ana for sure since this blog is an advert free zone – I have nobly resisted the vast numbers of offers, nay begging requests, from major hosting sites to move … 😉

    I’m guessing its a bit of both – there must be some broad parameters agreed with the blogger of what is acceptable and what is not. But broad does seem the right word ..

  4. Patrick,

    I’ve enjoyed many of your comments at Jesus Creed (including the off-topic ones, esp. since I’m about to return the favor :D).

    My memory is a little fuzzy on the details, but there’s a rabbit trail that almost got started on a discussion at Jesus Creed about money that I’d love to discuss more fully sometime. I mentioned at least once there an the idea (which I think you expressed some interest in, if I recall) that there might be a relationship b/n the West’s faith and practice in money’s power (even in the Church) and her relative lack of faith and/or practice of the kind of works of power/Spirit we see in the NT or even in the current non-western world. I care about this as a 2-time member of church planting teams and as one who is frequently called upon to teach on matters of faith and practice relating to the Spirit.

    I will tell you, too, that my leanings so far are influenced not just by the rivalry that Jesus describes b/n God and money, but also the way Jesus sends his missionaries out initially and post-Pentecost. It seems that Jesus intentionally stripped them of everything but his message, his authority, and his people (or at least one of them). He even makes a point of asking them, just before they are about to begin another, more perilous period without his physical presence, if they lacked anything when that’s all they had, and they didn’t. I even hear an echo of Jesus’ own design when Peter says at the beginning of the Church’s work, “Silver and gold I don’t have, but what I have I give to you . . .” Is there a problem when the church (of Jesus) has what Peter lacked, but lacks what he had? What all was Jesus trying to accomplish by ridding the missionaries of their money, but giving them his power? Couldn’t they have had both? If not, why not? What critique or insight does that give us for mission today? Relatedly, Paul says he didn’t preach with wise or persuasive words but simply–and with demonstrations of the Spirit’s power, so that people’s faith would not be on man’s wisdom or eloquence but on the power of God. Is that a goal we even have today? Our methods seem to be in the opposite vein.

    Anyway, thanks. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  5. Warm greetings T, honoured that you dropped by! Always enjoy your contributions at Jesus Creed.

    Sorry for the delay in replying, its been our start of term which is always a bit of a crazy

    I think you are right and on to something profoundly important. The pouring out of the Spirit was to empower the church for mission, to equip and enable people to become missionaries. Both in Acts and in Paul, the Spirit of God is central to mission. it is his initiative and work time and again that is behind the growth of the church. And it is the Spirit alone, not ethnic, cultural, religious or any other identity markers who is the one who creates, sustains and unites the people of God.

    I’ve been struck afresh posting through Mark how much God deliberately and repeatedly does things in a way to subvert expectations, power structures, human wisdom and self-sufficiency. Not only in the crucified Messiah but in the kingdom of God – and again and again in the OT as well. It’s like God delights in being surprising, but more than this, he delights in humility, weakness, repentance, caring for the ‘unimportant’, unseen actions of love – even the fruit of the Spirit is decidedly ‘unshowy’ and other focused, not all about ‘us’.

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