2012 ahead

A very happy New Year to all visitors to this little segment of the blogosphere!

And a big thanks for dropping by during 2011, especially to those who have taken the time to comment and discuss stuff. The more I go on, the more I understand and experience learning as a corporate activity. I’ve learnt lots from the (sort of!) discipline of sketching ideas, reading books, articles, other blogs and reflecting on bits of (mostly Irish) life theologically. But that learning has been helped by those of you who have joined in.

And a special thanks for those who have disagreed and pushed back – that’s where thinking is sharpened and ideas clarified and my prejudices confirmed 🙂   So those of you who are reading in the background, go on, when you have something to say, share it with the rest of us!

Today marks two years of blogging with just over 500 posts (300 in the first year, 200 in 2011).

As a dad of two teenagers, with work at IBI, local church leadership commitments and other family responsibilities, blogging is not exactly a top priority in my life – and if it was there would be something seriously amiss. My girls are not slow to tell me when I’m getting the balance wrong! And its good for the humility that no-one else in this house reads this blog!

I am sure this place could be improved in lots of ways – constructive suggestions welcome by the way. (I’m definitely a late adopter of new technology). And suggestions of what to blog on also welcome.

There have been a couple of long pauses but there hasn’t been a time (yet) that I’ve thought of quitting. I decided a good while ago there is no point making this blog another thing to add to the TO DO list. So if I don’t have time or anything to blog about, I don’t, and that’s OK. If this blog becomes a burden then I’ll simply let it drop. I continue to blog because I enjoy it, learn from it, find the discipline helpful, increasingly find the past articles a useful resource, and really enjoy the conversations with those who drop by.

I also hope that, since the world of Irish theoblogs is not exactly overpopulated, that stuff discussed here has its own specific contribution to make. I don’t see much point trying to imitate the content of much bigger, and I’m sure much better, blogs elsewhere.

For those of you who know me, I do have a sense of humour (honest) and am acquainted with irony but the tone of this blog is a bit earnest. So while I generally ignore New Year’s resolutions as a complete waste of time, one for this blog is a bit more variety in tone. Let me know if you notice!


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