More being Irish in 2012

On this St Patrick’s Day here are some more definitions of Irishness from an Irish woman I happen to know.

Irishness is…

Describing someone with longstanding, persistent and untreated psychosis as “a character”.

Saying “There’s definitely no recession here!” every time you see more than 5 people in a pub.

Saying “Ah but he’s very good to his mother” about some utter langer

That mini heart attack you get if you go out and forget to turn off the immersion

“You’re not drinking??? Are you on antibiotics?”

Wallpaper on your school books

Being Grand!!

Boil everything in a huge pot for 3 hours

Being absolutely terrified of a wooden spoon.

Learning a language for 12 years and not being fluent

Knowing that Flat 7UP heals all illnesses

Calling Joe Duffy or any radio station instead of the guards 🙂


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