Praise God!

Back in April I posted about the huge challenge facing Irish Bible Institute, to raise €1 million in 6 months. 

So now, 6 months later, about €945,000 has been given and pledged.

And last week a deal was finalised and signed on the building, with deposit paid.

Now I tend to be pretty understated 😉 but that’s AMAZING

People have been praying all over the country and beyond. Some have organised their own fundraising events. The band Trinity even came over from the Netherlands to do three concerts gratis. A brilliant night was had at Vicar St with an amazing line up organised by an IBI Board member. A couple of Christian Trusts came on board and made a significant difference.

But at least 2/3 of the income came from hundreds of individuals as well as churches who have given generously and sacrificially.

And that sacrificial generosity included a few euros from some children who gave their saved up pocket money from a piggy bank. It included a significant gift from someone’s savings given away quietly and without fuss now rather than as a bequethal when they are gone. It included a church giving a generous % of an unexpected gift that came their way. It included another church giving a chunk of its missions budget. It included many people without much who gave beyond what they could afford.

So many stories.

But behind those stories is a story that is not told enough. A story of grace.

On this blog, there’s lots of talk and analysis of issues. And in all that talk, what can be overlooked is the heartbeat of Christian faith. And that heartbeat consists of ordinary people seeking to put their faith into practice daily in a host of ways through sacrificial service of others. And there are few more counter-cultural ways of doing that within an acquisitve consumerist culture than giving money away generously.

And that generosity speaks of the grace of God. For it is people who have had their hearts touched by God’s unmerited faviour who then show that grace in their lives.

So thank you to everyone who has prayed and contributed. And praise God for his grace!

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