A snapshot of Irish Catholicism 2012

Some recent research on Irish Catholicism carried out for the Association of Catholic Priests (thks Dermot).

This was a professional, robust piece of market research based on interviews with 1000 Catholics spread across geographical, gender, age, and social class categories which found things like :

35% of Irish Catholics go to mass once a week or more

87% think priests should be allowed to marry

77% think women should be able to be ordained as priests

75% think the Church’s teaching on sexuality is NOT relevant either to them or their families

61% disagree with the Church’s teaching that homosexuality is immoral, 21% are not sure and 18% agree it is immoral

87% think that a separated or divorced person in a stable second relationship (not necessarily marriage)  should be allowed to receive mass (only 5% thought they should not)

Welcome to post-Catholic / post-Christendom  Ireland.

Discussion starters for ten:

What do such findings mean for the Catholic Church in Ireland?

What do such findings mean for other churches in Ireland?


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