Interview with Pope Francis

Wonder what your thoughts are on this interview with Pope Francis by the President of YWAM Argentina?

(tks TM)


3 thoughts on “Interview with Pope Francis

  1. As somebody who did a course in Manresa, the Jesuit Centre for Spirituality, I have a high opinion of Jesuits, of which Pope Francis is one. I have learned a lot about prayer and about growing in my relationship with Jesus. I love his phrase: have you allowed yourself to be found by Jesus? Which I am not sure is the exact translation from the Argentinian Spanish that he uses. I have been thinking a lot about that. One can study Jesus, observe Him, discuss Him and look at Him froma distance, never allowing Him to engage with us. In most human relationships that go deep we know the other person and we let ourselves known to them , that is how trust is built and the relationship grows. However when it comes to Jesus, we want to do all the knowing about Him but we don’t let Him get to know us, therefore the possibility of change and becoming more like Him, is not as straight forward. My teacher at the course constantly emphasise the importance of knowing Jesus not only with our heads, but with our hearts (will and emotions, our whole being).
    I might not agree with all of Pope Francis’ theology, but if he manages to lead people into a deeper understanding of Jesus and models a different type of Papacy, one that is very human, I think it will be a breath of fresh air on our spiritually dying Europe.

    • Thanks Ana. Certainly a strong overlap with a traditional evangelical emphasis on personal faith with tradition useful but in a supportive role.
      Catholicism can take different expressions in different contexts. You’d know a lot more about this than me – how I wonder has the context of Argentina and the growth of evangelicalism impacted Catholicism there?

  2. Patrick, my observation is, that what Pope Francis is saying comes out of his training as a Jesuit, which has a very strong emphasis on Jesus. I learned all of this only in the last year or so. The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius are all based on gospel readings and encounters with Jesus,and he wrote those while recovering from a battle injury, the only two things that he had to read were the gospels and and another book on saints. So he worked through the gospels and made these exercises like a discipleship course for the future followers. Today those exercises are used by some evangelicals.
    So I wouldn’t say that his understanding of Jesus, or the wording that he uses come from the evangelical influence but more from his own rule of life. It is a language that I heard a lot during the last year in Manresa.

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