Neglected Spirit?

A saying attributed to Dorothy Sayers (don’t have the ref)

“There are those who would worship the Father, Son and the Virgin Mary; those who believe in the Father, Son and the Holy Scriptures; those who found their faith on the Father, the Son and the Holy Church; and there are those who seem to derive their spiritual power from the Father, the Son and the Minister!”

Assuming there is some truth to what she says, a question then is, ‘Why?’

Why is the Spirit neglected?

Why is it so easy to ‘replace’ the Spirit with someone or something else?

Theological reasons? Historical? Spiritual? Others come to mind?

Comments, as ever, welcome.


2 thoughts on “Neglected Spirit?

  1. I reckon it’s because there is a deep need to cleave to something “present, perceptible, real. Palpable, tangible, true” in the words of poet Adam Lindsay Gordon. The emphasis on church as dispenser and conserver of revelation rather than on personal revelation, feeds into and off of that need.

  2. thanks John. We discussed this in class the other day too – maybe part of what you say is also something we have a semblance of control over: our interpretation of Scripture; a human personality; an institution …

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