Tenebrae 2021

Tenebrae is Latin for ‘darkness’. Each year our church holds a Tenebrae service. It is simple in form – a mixture of Bible readings, songs, and poetry. There is no sermon.

The songs, readings and music are all performed by members of the church.

After each reading a candle is extingushed and the service ends in total darkness. People leave in silence. It is a service of lament and reflection on the death of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This year’s service was ‘held’ on You Tube. Thanks to the readers, singers and tech-person who worked out the candles. It lasts about 40 minutes and I found it profoundly moving.

2 thoughts on “Tenebrae 2021

  1. Beautiful service. Thank you for putting it all together MCC. Even when we are not part of it, we were blessed by it. Coming from the Latin I couldn’t resist to look at the equivalent of it in french and Spanish. Tenebre and tinieblas. Now for me the meaning becomes even deeper. I can picture it in my mind and it is a cold, solitaire place to be.

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