These are books, booklets, book chapters, journal articles and book reviews that I’ve written (or am in the process of writing).



Patrick Mitchel, The Message of Love. The Bible Speaks Today. (Inter-Varsity Press in UK and USA). Published September 2019.



Patrick Mitchel, (ed.) Together we Believe: A Common Faith a Common Purpose, (Dublin: Evangelical Alliance Ireland, 2005).

Book Chapters and Articles

dict paul letters 1st ed

Patrick Mitchel, 10,000 word article on ‘Eschatology’ in Scot McKnight, Lynn Cohick and Nijay Gupta (eds.) The Dictionary of Paul and His Letters 2nd Edition. (IVP Academic, forthcoming).

Patrick Mitchel, 5,000 word article on ‘Love’ in Scot McKnight, Lynn Cohick and Nijay Gupta (eds.) The Dictionary of Paul and His Letters 2nd Edition (IVP Academic, forthcoming).

[The picture here is of the first edition]

WCE 2020 3rd ed

Patrick Mitchel, contributor to ‘Ireland’ in World Christian Encylopedia (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2020) 408-412.


The State of New Testament Studies 2019

Patrick Mitchel, ‘New Testament Eschatologies’ in Scot McKnight and Nijay Gupta (eds.), The State of New Testament Studies. 2nd Ed. (Baker Academic, 05 November 2019)




Patrick Mitchel, ‘God’s Preference for the Poor: the Bible and Social Justice in Ireland’ in Bradford A. Anderson and Jonathan Kearney (eds.). Ireland and the Reception of the Bible in Ireland (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 2018) 193-209.



Patrick Mitchel, ‘Solus Spiritus: Paul and the Christian Life’, in Scot McKnight and Joe Modica (eds.), The New Perspective and the Christian Life (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2016).



Patrick Mitchel, ‘The Influence of Vatican II on the Protestant Churches in Ireland’ in Niall Coll (ed.) Vatican II and Ireland 50 Years On (Dublin: Columba Press, 2015) 169-183.



Patrick Mitchel, ‘Ireland’ in Encyclopaedia of Christian Education, (Rowman & Littlefield, 2015).



Patrick Mitchel, Contributions within Nick Park (ed)., Who Owns Marriage?: A Conversation about Religion, Government, Marriage and Civil Society (Dublin: Evangelical Alliance Ireland, 2015).




Patrick Mitchel, ‘Evangelicals and Irish Identity in Independent Ireland: a case study’ in M. Busteed, F. Neal and J. Tonge, Irish Protestant Identities (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2008) 155-170.


prod millennialism evangelicalism irish society

Patrick Mitchel, “Unionism and the eschatological “fate of Ulster” 1921-2003” in C. Gribben and A. Holmes (eds.) Protestant millennialism and Irish society, 1790-1920, (Palgrave, 2005) 202-227


dunlop evangelicals in ireland

Patrick Mitchel, ‘Evangelical Diversity’ in R. Dunlop (ed.) Evangelicals in Ireland, (Dublin: Columba Press. 2005) 140-169.


Lion and Lamb

Patrick Mitchel, Evangelism and Reconciliation: Are they irreconcilable? Lion and Lamb, 38, 2005

Patrick Mitchel, ‘(Evangelical) Christians and Politics in the Republic of Ireland: A personal view’, Lion and Lamb, 34, 2003

Patrick Mitchel, ‘Embodying Forgiveness: Response to Gregory Jones’, Lion and Lamb, 31, 2001.

Patrick Mitchel, ‘Evangelicalism at its best’, Lion and Lamb, 27, 2001, 4-7

Patrick Mitchel, “Christian Citizenship in the Republic of Ireland”, Lion and Lamb, 22, 1999, 8-11

Patrick Mitchel, ‘Ireland as it never used to be’, Frontiers, 3/1, 1998, 13-18

Book Reviews

Marvin Oxenham. Character and Virtue in Theological Education: An Academic Epistolary Novel. (Carlisle: Langham / ICETE, 2019) in Evangelical Review of Theology 44.2 (April 2020) 189-90.

Gregg R. Allison, Roman Catholic Theology and Practice: An Evangelical Assessment. Wheaton Il. USA: Crossway, 2014, in Evangelical Review of Theology 42.2 (April 2018) 188-89.

Ola Sigurdson, Heavenly Bodies: Incarnation, the Gaze, and Embodiment in Christian Theology. Grand Rapids, USA: Eerdmanns, 2016 in Evangelical Review of Theology 42.1 (January 2018) 87-88.

Catherine Ella Laufer, Hell’s Destruction: An Exploration of Christ’s Descent to the Dead. Ashgate, 2013 in Evangelical Quarterly. 87.3 (2015) 279-82.

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