The Mission of God Conference

Next Friday 29 February, Irish Bible Institute, IMap and TEAR Fund Ireland are co-hosting The Mission of God conference with guest speaker Chris Wright. Now this blog has only been going a few weeks and you might be getting the impression that I’m some sort of Chris Wright groupie. Scary thought. But I am really looking forward to hearing him on The Mission of God and as speaker at our IBI student weekend retreat the next day.

There are 4 seminars in the afternoon. Reuben Coulter, chief executive of Tearfund Ireland on reaching the marginalised. Pastor Tunde Adebayo-Oke, national pastor of the Redeemed Church of God on Welcoming the Migrants. Derek Switzer of Youth Alive and Greg Fromholtz of 3Rock Youth on Connecting with Youth. And I’m doing one on ‘Mission from the Margins’ which will be exploring what it means for churches to be missional in post-Christendom Ireland. Bookings are apparently going well and I hope to post some reflections on the event afterwards.

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