Very different pictures of Jesus

Now for some very different pictures – these I really like. Almost cartoon sketches and very old – 13th Century I think (click on the picture for a closer look).

Murals in this 900 year old former Benedictine Monastery in Alpirsbach in the Black Forest

It also has the most amazing mobile organ (that we heard being played). 

The monks were a dab hand at brewing,  a tradition that has continued to this day in the brewery beside the Monastery. I gotta say they make damn fine beer.

5 thoughts on “Very different pictures of Jesus

  1. On a related note – have you heard of the Dr Doctrine Christian Comix? Fred Sanders (who recently wrote the fantastic book “The deep Things of God”) wrote and drew them many years ago. He spend a few pages in each issue talking about icons and the use of images in Christian worship throughout the ages. They are out of print now, but worth searching for!

  2. Hi Mike and greetings, no I haven’t seen them. The use of art & imagery in Christian worship is, I think, a very relevant question for much of evangelicalism

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